Our history can either imprison us or free us. During this 5 day experiential intensive retreat we will dive into your history and identify all of the events, patterns, and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, keep you stuck, and make the life of your dreams seem out of reach and even impossible. Utilizing experiential techniques the stress energy surrounding these blocks will be released. Tools will be learned to use this energy in the present to truly live life.

If you are feeling stuck, wounded, not good enough, full of shame and guilt, or have an overall sense of dissatisfaction this workshop is perfect for you.

Freedom is waiting.

Next Workshop Dates: July 12th – July 17th

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Unresolved Trauma


Process Addictions

Attachment Disorders

Combat Trauma

Adoption Issues

Stuck in Sobriety

And much, much more….

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“I had gone to treatment in 2013 for dual-diagnosis treatment. A lot of things were still stressing me out and I was concerned that if things were going to keep going the way they were I was going to have to go back to a long term facility. I felt myself slipping back into a state of helplessness and worry. I tried to find short term treatment for my dual-diagnosis, as I am not longer drinking, but I have all my other issue I am dealing with. I then found Release Trauma and the site listed all the areas I wanted to work on.


My experience was very good. I appreciated the small size of the groups, I felt the individual attention by the therapists, as opposed to the large groups setting of my past treatment. I left there gaining friends, support, and less confinement in my mind. A release of things that were holding me hostage, such as the memory of the trauma. I have gained more inner confidence. I still struggle with things today, but I have more internal confidence and more support to reach out too, people who have a better understanding and can relate because they have trauma history too. I now have the confidence to take on things I wanted to do in life, but I didn’t think I had the strength to do. I started a support group and I am pursuing going back to school now, things I didn’t think I could do before.


I would recommend Release Retreat for people who have experienced trauma, and that need to find clarity in their life.”

– Andi

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